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  1. Just a heads up. I can only verify season 1 episode 1 but it’s not correct. Episode 1 is apparently another episode. I verified this via wikipedia and imdb. The plot for episode 1 on these is not correct. You may want to check them all.

  2. PJAmerica,
    I’ve checked and all is fine, that’s why the release is PROPER. The TV episodes sequencies are one and the DVD sequencie is another. I’ll always trust in a good group release.

  3. The group release is wrong. The episode order is incorrect. Every single source including the original episode release order and production code order state so. No worries though. People will not get the experience they should by downloading in this order. No my issue. I have the group release that was not nuked and in it’s proper order. Good share none the less but still incorrect order.

  4. PJAmerica,
    If you’re talking about iNFiNiTE release you must know that the release is older than the P0W4DVD. That’s why I preferred to post P0W4DVD release.

  5. I really mean no disrespect as your efforts are great but rest assured, the episodes are not in there proper order. So for an alleged PROPER release, it’s in fact incorrect. I am simply trying to help you. Just because a release group makes it doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Release groups make errors all the time and screw up often. People can read the comments so they are alerted and can sort them for themselves based on the information I have provided so that is more than good enough.

    Keep the great work up my friend.

  6. PJAmerica,
    You didn’t disrespect me. PROPER should be the right. I’ll keep this release, I don’t have another one to post, if you have please send me, through contact form, the links.

  7. Tell ya what, I have others but I don’t upload them as I don’t want to be in trouble for it. However, I will download them from your post completely and then contact you with the proper order your links should be in. Sound fair? Then all you need to do is rename them or make a note of the sequence of episodes as they are supposed to be.

  8. PJAmerica,
    About P0W4DVD, I’ll download the episodes and check. I’ve found links for iNFiNiTE release and another release I think it’s a PDTV release.
    Thanks for your help!

  9. This is quoted from Jessica at thefiveeight.

    Hope it helps inform you a bit with regard to what you want to and need to know. Jessica is a true to form know it al about this stuff and quite opinionated about it. She snows it al for real though.

    Are referring to the three tv movies starring Peter Outerbridge & Keeley Hawes? Those are the only ones i know of that have been released in 4×3. They were such in Canada in 2004 & 2005 when shown on Bravo! and when shown in the UK in 2006 (that is where the tvrips of them come from). The DVD release from 2008 is also 4×3. Just when you think i have taken away all hope i shall tell you that in March 2011 Citytv was to show season 4 but that got changed and 2 of the 3 movies in windowboxed 16×9 were shown somewhat unexpectedly. If they come up again i could maybe record them but no promise they will actually be shown again or that i will notice and be able to record it. If you have a British iTunes account you can buy the three movies in 16×9; i don’t have a British iTunes account so i can only browse there and lament that they are not in the Canadian iTunes store.

    If you speak of the first season of the tv series, that begins with the episode about electricity in Toronto, then i confess i have never encountered it in 4×3. It was made in 16×9 and the Canadian DVD release was 16×9. As to why you can’t find the DVDrip of season 1:

    Murdoch.Mysteries.S01E01-13.DVDRip.XviD-iNFiNiTE was NUKED because it contained no ivtc and was released at 29fps. I have this release. Knowing it is nuked i won’t post an entire season here but if you want it ask me and i’ll give you links.
    Murdoch.Mysteries.S01E01-13.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-WiDE is 23.976fps but was incorrectly NUKED claiming it should be ivtc’d to 25fps even though it is not a British show and was made at 23.976fps and was correctly ivtc’d despite the reason given for it being nuked. If anyone has this release i really want a copy.
    Murdoch.Mysteries.S01E01-13.REAL.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-P0W4DVD was not muked but it SHOULD MAYBE BE NUKED for bad ivtc because it should be ivtc’d to 23.976fps not 25fps, unless it came from the UK dvd release. Just because it is shown in the UK first doesn’t mean it isn’t a Canadian show filmed at 23.976fps.

    The release from WiDE is actually the correct one but someone who thought the show was British and made at 25fps nuked the only good release and demanded one that actually might be legitimately nuke-able be make because of their ignorance. How screwed up is that! That is why it is so nigh impossible to find the first season. They killed off the only good copy! I might just make my own if the library ever gets the show. 😉

    Since i am not quite sure you asked the question you intended to i have attempted to answer what things i think you might be asking. It is mostly not good news but knowledge is better than ignorance.

  10. PJAmerica,
    Season 1 is now fixed, P0W4DVD now have the right episode sequence.
    Thanks for your help!!

  11. Glad I could help my friend. Great job as always. Much appreciated.

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    Update = Deleted Datafile & reup. dead links.

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    Update = Reup. dead links & fixed linkcrypt problem.