Nov 042018

Cathy Jamison is a suburban Minneapolis high school teacher, wife and mother with less than a perfect life, despite it perhaps seeming so to much of the outside world. Her life is given a major shock when she is diagnosed with melanoma, the first news of such to her being when it is at advanced stage IV, meaning that she will most likely succumb to it within short order barring some extreme or radical intervention. Cathy goes through a myriad of emotions concerning the diagnosis, including how she will deal with it in relation to family, friends and people close to her in other ways. These people include: Paul Jamison, her college sweetheart husband, who is often just another big kid in their relationship, while Cathy has acted the responsible adult; Adam Jamison, Cathy and Paul’s teenaged son who is going through typical issues of being a teenager and only child; Sean Tolkey, Cathy’s hyper-environmental anti-establishment brother, who chooses to be homeless to live off the grid and who abhors what he sees as Cathy’s bourgeois suburban lifestyle; her students, such as Andrea Jackson, who openly stands her ground on any issue, including her weight problem and her African-American background; and her elderly seemingly crotchety female long-time neighbor, who Cathy has not made the effort to know despite their close proximity for years.





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